Shifting Accessibility Testing to the Left with Marie Drake

Shifting Accessibility Testing to the Left

For most companies, accessibility testing is still seen as an afterthought and there is often a misconception that testing for accessibility is difficult and time consuming. We know that there’s a lot of benefits in making your website or application accessible, especially in the Digital Era, but why do we still have a lot of inaccessible websites?

In this talk, Marie discusses some of the myths around accessibility testing, how you can shift accessibility testing to the left and how you can integrate it in your development and testing workflows.

About Marie Drake

Marie Drake is a Software Tester with over 9 years experience and is currently a Quality Engineering Manager at Zoopla. She is passionate in sharing her knowledge publicly about Software Testing and Test Automation via her blog at She is also a Cypress Ambassador, an accessibility advocate and an online course instructor at Ministry of Testing and Test Automation University.

Marie can be reached on: Twitter, LinkedIn or her website

Marie Drake
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