Roadblocks to Bug Reporting - Guest webinar with Michael Stahl

And You Didn’t Report it?!… Roadblocks to Bug Reporting

Testers sometimes find a bug, yet do not report it. The reasons vary and include technical and psychological reasons.

This webinar with guest speaker Michael Stahl reviews the list of such situations and the proposed strategies to overcome them.

By making testers aware of these cases, they will be able to recognize when they take place and apply the proposed solutions to avoid them.

About Michael Stahl

Michael Stahl is a 22-year veteran as a software validation architect at Intel, lately working on a Confidential Computing project. In this role, Michael defines testing strategies and work methodologies for test teams, and sometimes even gets to test something himself - which he enjoys most. Michael presented papers at local and international conferences and is teaching SW Testing at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. You can view his papers and presentations at 

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