Achieving quality with as little “testing” as possible


Achieving quality with as little “testing” as possible

We are all witnesses to a large amount of talk and chatter around expanding testing outside of the traditional realms and boundaries of our profession.

Some people call it “shifting left” and “shifting right”, others talk about concepts such as “testing in production”, and it is hard to imagine anyone with access to the Internet who has not heard about “All team Quality” or “Achieving a Quality Culture in the Organization”.

These are only some of a large number of terms and approaches being talked about today as expansions of testing and methods that can help teams work more efficiently, better, and even faster. But they are not directly related to testing... Or are they???

In this session, Pete Walen and Joel Montvelisky analyze some of these concepts by reviewing how they work, how effective they can be, and by explaining some of the common mistakes made when failing to apply them correctly. They will talk about achieving quality in our deliverables from a holistic perspective and not by “injecting quality as a result of finding and fixing bugs in the finished product”.

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