Managing Security Tests and Creating a Secure Culture - Guest Webinar by Santhosh Tuppad


Managing Security Tests and Creating a Secure Culture

The significance of cybersecurity is growing in today’s world and so are white-hat hackers who are upskilling to fight the hackers who are equipped with malicious or wicked intentions. In this webinar, we are going to focus on how a company or a group of security professionals can manage their security aspects of the software in a very pragmatic way and derive value out of it. And the main value addition here is to keep the black-hat hackers away from your application/company/software.

This webinar focuses on:

1. Drafting security requirements based on the context at the very initial phase of the software development lifecycle

2. Categories of tests in order to focus on test coverage

3. Measuring the severity of security vulnerabilities using various models

4. Creating a security testing guide in terms of implementing the process

Not to forget that, most of the hackers who get certified usually go through theory and when they are asked to perform security tests, they fail. I (Santhosh Tuppad) come from a background where I did all the learning by myself since 16 and I am still learning to go deeper in the security area. I welcome you to this webinar wherein I would like to cover security test management from an unconventional point of view which can really add great value to your company or your software and help protect the privacy and the data of your users.

Guest Webinar by Santhosh Tuppad

Santhosh Tuppad has played diverse roles in his life which involve being an entrepreneur, liar, thief, passionate software tester, blogger, reader, trainer, coach, black-hat hacker, white-hat hacker, grey-hat hacker and more. In this marvelous journey of life, he has encountered his salvation. Not to forget that “​Salvation comes at a price”​ and of course he has paid that price. ​Previously, he was known for being merciless, ruthless, unkind, evil, etc. And today he is known for kindness, humbleness, and some people call him “​Privacy Fighter​”

Catch some more of his thoughts on twitter @santhoshst

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