Is This Testable? How to Ask Better Questions from My Applications and Engineering Teams

Is This Testable? A Personal Journey to Learn How to Ask Better Questions from My Applications and Engineering Team

Have you ever felt like you were working at cross purposes with an application you were developing and testing?

Have you wished that there were easier ways to interact with your application?

Do you struggle with the fact that efforts to automate your application under development yield less than satisfactory results?

Perhaps you discover that for every answer or solution what results is more and more questions.

Michael Larden decided to undergo a process of better understanding of what made the applications he works with testable in the first place. Through that process, he has learned a few things that could be helpful to anyone looking to make their product more responsive to both human and external program interactions. Join this webinar with him to find out.

About Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen is a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with LTG/PeopleFluent. Over the past three decades, he has been involved in software testing for a range of products and industries, including network routers & switches, virtual machines, capacitance touch devices, video games, and client/server, distributed database & web applications.
Michael writes the TESTHEAD blog and can be found on Twitter at @mkltesthead. A list of books, articles, papers, and presentations can be seen on Linkedin.

Michael Larsen
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