How to Delight 8 Billion Humans Guest webinar with Dona Sarkar

How to Delight 8 Billion Humans

“You need to find product market fit!”  “Like, now!”

How many of you are so frustrated with hearing this? What if you could guarantee that the product or service you’re toiling away at will be AMAZINGLY received…not just by your target audience…but by surprising other audiences as well?

In this session you’ll learn about the 6 categories of audiences we think about and a 3 step SIMPLE and inclusive process to reach and delight them at any phase of your business.

About Dona Sarkar

Dona believes the 7.6 billion people we share the earth with can and should develop technical skills to help achieve their goals. In her role as Director of Technology on the Microsoft Accessibility team, she feels fortunate to make that happen by working with every product team at Microsoft to ensure all products are usable for people with disabilities, neurodiversity, and mental health concerns. Dona was named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Productive People and Cosmopolitan magazine's Businessperson of the Year. She loves connecting with others, so please check out:

About Dona Sarkar
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