Testing a data science model - Guest Webinar By Laveena Ramchandani


In this talk, Laveena goes through her journey of discovering data science model testing and how she contributed value in a field she have never tested intending to help inspire testers to explore data science models.

In this talk we’ll understand the background of data science. How data plays a vital role in models? How to train a Data Science model keeping different personas in mind? How will we bring processes and strategies to make sure we capture the right output results and the consumers still benefit from this? In a nutshell, making sure the model’s quality is good and we have confidence in what we provide to consumers.

By the end of this talk, you will be able to explore testing models and how to make sure the quality of a model is providing the team enough confidence and helping a business.


  • Understanding of Data Science
  • How to test models?
  • Identify what existing skills we already have that we can apply in a data science team
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