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    Welcome to the “Applying BDD to Your Test Automation” mini webinar series with Laveena Ramchandani. In this three-part series, we will dive into the world of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and its application in the realm of test automation. Laveena, a seasoned expert in the field, will guide you through the fundamental concepts and practical implementation strategies. Get ready to enhance your understanding of BDD and elevate your test automation practices!

    You can watch the recording of Part 1 here and the entire series on our YouTube channel.

    Session 1: BDD Framework 101 - Building the Foundation

    In this opening session, we will lay the groundwork for our exploration of BDD. We’ll delve into the concept of frameworks and their significance in software development. Why do we need frameworks, and how do they shape effective testing practices? Understanding these fundamentals is essential before we progress to the subsequent sessions. Join us to build a solid foundation for our BDD journey.

    Session 2: Test Automation Unveiled - Benefits, Drawbacks, and Value

    In the second session, we will uncover the world of test automation. Laveena will guide us through the advantages and potential challenges of test automation. Discover how automation can revolutionize your testing processes, the pitfalls to avoid, and the value it can bring to your teams. This session promises to equip you with insights to make informed decisions about integrating automation into your workflows.

    Session 3: Merging BDD and Test Automation - Harnessing Gherkin Language

    The culmination of our series brings us to the exciting intersection of BDD and test automation. Laveena will showcase the power of Gherkin language in creating meaningful and effective test automation scenarios. Learn how to seamlessly merge BDD principles with practical automation techniques. Additionally, gain valuable tips for crafting top-notch BDD scenarios that drive successful testing endeavors. Join us for an insightful session that bridges theory with hands-on practice.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your understanding of BDD and its application in test automation. Mark your calendars for these engaging sessions, and get ready to enhance your testing expertise!

    Register now to secure your spot for this illuminating mini webinar series. We look forward to having you join us for an insightful journey into the world of Applying BDD to Your Test Automation.

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    About Laveena Ramchandani
    Laveena Ramchandani

    Laveena Ramchandani is an experienced Software Testing Manager with a comprehensive understanding of tools available for software testing and analysis. She aims to provide valuable insights that have high technical aptitude and hopes to inspire others in the world through her work, blogs, podcasts and regularly speaks at events on data science models and other topics.

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