An Introductory Guide to QA for Non-Testers

An Introductory Guide to QA for Non-Testers

What you should know before participating in your company’s software testing efforts

Quality Assurance (QA) is a key part of every development and production process. At the time that traditional software development methodologies e.g, Waterfall, were highly popular, QA was commonly a separate department exclusively responsible for testing efforts.

However, in recent years, with the rapid transition towards Agile, software testing has become part of the development process and a collaborative cross-department effort by multiple staff members from developers to business users. As published in the 2022 State of Testing™ report, 36% of the participants claimed that their organization’s testing is done by non-dedicated testers.

If you are not a QA tester by definition and your responsibilities have now expanded to help in the software testing efforts, do not be frightened. You can absolutely contribute to your company’s success, big time! Your skills and experience from your current role could provide you with a unique point of view that will help improve software quality.

In order to give you a smooth entry into the tester’s mindset, we’ve created this e-book that will guide you through fundamental aspects of QA and software testing.

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