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    Expanding one’s horizons is a vital part of the journey to becoming an expert professional. As Steve Jobs said, “learn continually - there’s always ‘one more thing’ to learn”, we should try to gain new knowledge consistently from colleagues, industry leaders, conferences, and other information sources. This applies to the world of software testing as well, since there are many changes and trends to follow in order to stay up to date and constantly evolve our skills.

    Luckily, it is significantly easier to acquire new skills and stay updated with various media platforms, podcasts being one of them.

    Podcasts are great sources of information, they are mostly less formal than traditional forms of learning, hence, they can also be fun and entertaining to listen to. The availability of the podcasts is their main asset, you can listen to them from anywhere and at any time that suits you, on the way to work, during a workout, or while walking the dog.

    In the following article, we assembled a list of the top 10 software testing podcasts you should listen to in 2023. These podcasts contribute essential information and real-life insights from professionals in the testing industry and you should definitely add them to your subscription list.

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    TestGuild Automation Podcast logoTestGuild Automation Podcast
    Test Guild | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
    Host: Joe Colantonio | No. of episodes: 395 If you are interested in automation testing, as you should be according to the 2022 “State of testing” report, this is the perfect podcast for you. Joe is a highly respected persona in automation testing and his podcast is very active with nearly 400 episodes. Colantonio publishes three new episodes per month and hosts different experts from the industry to share their experiences and useful tips on various automation topics.

    Must-listen episode: The Three Test Automation Game Changers with Annalisa Camarillo and Amin Vidur

    Test & Code logoTest & Code
    Test and Code | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
    Host: Brian Okken
    No. of episodes: 184

    Test & Code is a well-known podcast that has been running since 2015 and is hosted by Brian Okken. The podcast covers both software development and testing matters, especially concentrating on Python programming. So if you are interested in coding, testing, and other related topics, stay tuned with a new episode every week!

    Must-listen episode: Ep. 45 - David Heinemeier Hansson - Software Development and Testing, TDD, and exploratory QA

    AB Testing AB Testing logo
    Modern Testing | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
    Hosts: Alan Page & Brent Jensen
    No. of episodes: 158

    One of the greatest software testing podcasts is definitely AB Testing by Alan and Brent, two industry leaders who have almost 60 years of total experience combined. This podcast has been active since 2014 and covers mainly modern testing subjects such as Agile, DevOps, Data Science, and so on. For those who look to learn and develop their knowledge, AB Testing is the right place.

    Must-listen episode: (according to Alan Page & Brent Jensen) Ep. 67 - The Traditional vs. Modern Test Manager Debate

        “It’s the one where Brent role played a “traditional” test manager, and I played a “modern” test manager. It’s one of the best examples we have on why we call it “Modern Testing”, and was one of the most fun episodes to make.” - Alan Page

        “What listeners don’t know of that episode was that Alan hadn’t yet gone deep on agile, but represented still Modern manager superbly. For me, it was just a painful flashback to many of the approaches/comments I had actually taken/said in my career.” - Brent Jensen

    The Testing Show logo The Testing Show
    Apple Podcasts | Spotify
    Hosts: Matt Heusser & Michael Larsen
    No. of episodes: 100

    The Testing Show is a podcast that is 100% dedicated to testing on all levels. The podcast by Qualitest will provide you with information from A to Z such as tools, methodologies, trends, etc. The hosts, Matt and Michael, are experienced professionals with years in the software testing industry. A new episode is coming out on Wednesday every two weeks.

    Must-listen episode: Testing in DevOps

    Testers’ Island Discs logo Testers’ Island Discs
    Ministry of Testing | SoundCloud
    Host: Neil Studd
    No. of episodes: 58

    Everybody loves music right? And it’s even better when combining software testing with it! The podcast by the Ministry of Testing community has a clear structure: Each episode features a new guest expert speaking about their testing career, picking five of their favorite songs, and one preferred book. The fun concept of this podcast makes it enjoyable to hear at any time.

    Must-listen episode: Episode 26 - Nancy Kelln

    Testing Peers logo Testing Peers
    Testing Peers | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
    Hosts: Chris Armstrong, Simon Prior, Russel Craxford & David Maynard
    No. of episodes: 54

    Since the first episode was launched two years ago in 2020, Testing Peers has become a valuable podcast in the software testing community. The creators of this podcast are a group of four testers that support each other during their career paths in software testing. The peers are releasing two new episodes every month, primarily discussing different testing topics, leadership, and much more.

    Must-listen episode: Ep. 49 - Testing Mindset

    Quality Sense logo Quality Sense
    Apple Podcasts | Spotify | SoundCloud
    Host: Federico Toledo
    No. of episodes: 39

    Listening to industry leaders and keynote speakers talking about their careers and real-life experiences could significantly help improve your skills. Federico Toledo, Abstracta COO, is hosting each episode with a new industry authority, and the two are sharing knowledge and insights on the most relevant subjects in the world of software testing.

    Must-listen episode: Observability from a tester’s perspective with Lisa Crispin

    Testing One-on-One logo Testing One-on-One
    Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud
    Hosts: Rob Lambert & Joel Montvelisky
    No. of episodes: 33

    The Owner of Cultivated Management and PractiTest Chief Solution Architect has joined forces to create this superb professional podcast. With great experience from different roles spread over many years, Rob and Joel combined their specialties and knowledge to cover aspects of management and software testing. Testing One-on-One is currently inactive but binge-listen to the previous episodes will provide you with all the necessary data about the testing world.

    Must-listen episode: The Pitfall Of Estimations And How (try To) Avoid Them

        “Estimations are always difficult, but they are also part of the service we need to provide when working as part of a project team. There are ways of getting estimations and also ways of communicating them, all of these are important in order to be a professional test engineer and to provide value as part of our teams.” - Joel Montvelisky Schedule a Demo

    The Guilty Tester logo The Guilty Tester
    The Guilty Tester | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
    Host: Dave Duke
    No. of episodes: 29

    If you are working in the software development industry and ever felt guilt during your testing career, The Guilty Tester podcast is what you need to hear. Dave Duke, aka AllCapsTester, speaks about a wide range of topics from the software testing world that can fit both experienced testers and inexperienced testing enthusiasts.

    Must-listen episode: 5 Best and 5 Worst things about Software Testing

    The Evil Tester Show logo The Evil Tester Show
    Evil Tester | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
    Host: Alan Richardson
    No. of episodes: 16

    Alan Richardson, one of our top 20 software testing leaders to follow on Twitter, has his own podcast where he shares his thoughts and tips on different testing-related topics. The episodes of The Evil Tester Show are mostly short but at the same time enriching and pleasant to hear.

    Must-listen episode: How to Get a Job in Software Testing


    In a nutshell, podcasts are a fantastic way to develop your skills and expand your software testing knowledge in particular. Besides the learning aspect, podcasts are also fun to listen to in your spare time and easily fit into your daily routine. We hope you consider following any or all of the podcasts mentioned above.

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    Did we miss anyone? You are welcome to suggest any additional testing-related podcasts you think should be included here. And be sure to mention your favorite episode.

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