Top 10 Software Testing YouTube Channels

There are several ways to learn software testing and become a professional tester. QA testers are commonly learning software testing from different learning resources like books, courses, podcasts, and so on. Today, with the endless amount of data on the internet, it is much more available and accessible to learn testing in ways that suit you the most. According to the 2022 State of Testing report, 47% of the respondents mentioned they learn about testing from online sources.

One of the most effective ways of learning online is through videos. There is a huge advantage in listening to an explanation while watching graphic examples that visualize it, instead of just reading a long comprehensive article. YouTube, as the number one online video platform, contains a substantial amount of helpful software testing videos. As a matter of fact, there are tons of dedicated testing channels that cover QA from all angles. To assist you find the best content out there, we have assembled a list of the top 10 software testing YouTube channels.

Top 10 Software Testing YouTube Channels

The List

SDET - QA Automation
Automation Step by Step
Software Testing Material
Mukesh Otwani
G C Reddy Software Testing
Software Testing Mentor
Software Testing Help


Subscribers: 3.58M
Views: 347M
Videos: 7805

Edureka is an interactive e-learning platform that provides online courses in a broad array of technology fields, including software testing. The platform has a massive YouTube channel with hundreds of millions of views on over 7000 videos. You can find in Edureka YouTube channel comprehensive software testing tutorials for a calculated time of more than 10 hours! More than 3.5M subscribers can’t be wrong, this channel is definitely a great YouTube channel to learn from.


Subscribers: 226K
Views: 39M
Videos: 229

A well-known e-learning website offers free educational online tutorials and articles aiming to make it accessible and affordable for all. Additionally, Guru99 believes in learning by practical examples, hence, their YouTube channel is packed with dozens of well visualized videos. Most of Guru’s videos are short, clear, and focus on one particular subject that is explained in-depth. If you watched Guru’s videos and still want to learn more, check out their website, their articles goes above and beyond with professional information.

SDET - QA Automation Techie

Subscribers: 474K
Views: 52M
Videos: 818

This great channel created in 2013 by Mr. Pravan, an IT professional that specializes in software quality engineering. The goal of this channel is to help beginners and experienced testers alike, to learn more about software testing and automation tools. With over 800 hundred videos, Mr. Pravan covers a wide range of relevant topics for you, from JavaScript to API Automation testing.

Automation Step by Step

Subscribers: 424K
Views: 54M
Videos: 1059

Just by the name, you can understand, this channel contains all you need to know about automation! Raghav Pal is an automation architect that led automation and DevOps teams for years. However, these days, he is focusing on his passion for education and passes his valuable knowledge through videos and classes. The main concept of Raghav videos is to provide a step-by-step guide on automation, DevOps, CI, and testing.

Software Testing Material

Subscribers: 155K
Views: 14M
Videos: 84

Software Testing Material is a testing-dedicated YouTube channel that is managed by Rajkumar and covers different angles of software testing. The channel is based on a website that carries the same name and offers testing tutorials, vital terms explanations, automation tools, and more. Moreover, you may also find important non-technical videos for testers like job interview questions.

Mukesh Otwani

Subscribers: 148K
Views: 20M
Videos: 543

As written in the YouTube channel’s description, if you are a manual tester that wants to learn about automation, this is the channel for you. Mukesh Otwani, a professional automation tester, uploads in his YouTube channel videos about different automation tools and technology. Among the different tools covered in this channel, you could find Git, Jenkins, Selenium Webdriver, and so on.

G C Reddy Software Testing

Subscribers: 87K
Views: 13M
Videos: 1498

G C Reddy is a software testing trainer and consultant and has operated his YouTube channel since 2010. With almost 1500 (!) videos uploaded so far, G C Reddy is updating his channel very often and gives software testers essential professional information. G C Reddy also has one of the most diverse YouTube channels on our list where he speaks about topics like SQL, manual testing, selenium, web testing, and so forth.

Software Testing Mentor

Subscribers: 82K
Views: 9M
Videos: 937

Software Testing Mentor is a channel by Manish Verma, an IT expert with more than 15 years of experience in software testing and automation. Manish created the channel in order to share his great knowledge with others. In his channel, he posts videos that cover all testers’ needs to know from must-have skills to test management platforms. Manish manages another recommended channel, RCV Academy, where he uploads relevant videos as well.

Software Testing Help

Subscribers: 35K
Views: 5M
Videos: 276

This is one of the first educational software testing YouTube channels, and still serves as a fantastic learning resource. It began operating in 2007 and since then, almost 300 videos have been uploaded about various testing subjects. Software Testing Help creates videos about testing documents, explains test types, and covers other testing-related aspects that could help you improve your skills.


Subscribers: 22K
Views: 2M
Videos: 352

If you are in the software testing world for quite some time, you have probably heard about the Evil Tester, but if you haven’t, it’s about time. Alan Richardson is a software testing expert, author, and consultant with over 25 years of experience in software development. Alan is also part of our top 20 industry leaders to follow on Twitter list. In his YouTube channel, he aims to help viewers to test better and improve by sharing his precious knowledge through videos.


In a nutshell, there are many different online sources to learn software testing. One of the most efficient ways is through videos. The ability to watch well-visualized graphic examples while listening to an explanation makes videos an excellent choice to learn from. And if you are looking for videos, obviously, YouTube is the best platform to find any video you seek. Hence, we have assembled a top 10 software testing YouTube channels list that will assist you to improve as software testers.

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Did we miss anyone? You are welcome to suggest any additional YouTube channels you think should be included here.

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