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    Have you ever wanted to ask for professional advice and didn’t have anyone to ask? Or maybe you searched for a new job in QA and heard it’s recommended to have someone from the inside to submit your CV, but you just didn’t know enough testers and colleagues? Well, you won’t have to face these problems again. There are many ways to expand your professional network and meet QA specialists in person at meetups and conferences. But in our modern world, you don’t have to wait for face-to-face meetings and can use different online platforms to keep in touch with other testers on a regular basis.

    The internet is packed with endless dedicated QA and software testing communities that serve as virtual meeting points. On these websites, you can easily ask, consult, share, and connect with thousands of other QA testers that are looking to do the same thing. In order to make it easier for you and save you valuable time, we have compiled a list of the top 10 online communities for testers. We split our list into two categories: Dedicated software testing communities and non-dedicated platforms that could be useful for testers.

    The List

    Lessons Learned in Software Testing
    Ministry of Testing
    Testing Tech News
    EuroSTAR Huddle
    The Test Tribe

    Dedicated Software Testing Communities

    Ministry of Testing logoMinistry of Testing

    Founded in 2007 by Rosie Sherry, MoT is one of the most famous and popular software testing communities, but much more than that. This online platform enables testers with different skills or expertise levels to become a part of a growing software testing community with tens of thousands of industry pros. Besides, MoT also offers a learning resource called “The Dojo” where they join forces with community members to create articles, courses, podcasts, and so on. Ministry of Testing are also the creators of the excellent TestBash conferences. Joining the community is free and you can upgrade to become a pro member to enjoy extended features for £24.99 per month.

    Testing Tech News logoTesting Tech News

    Testing Tech News (TTN) is a social online community for software testers that emphasize the importance of human interaction. TTN encourages testers to build a network, connect with different industry experts, and share valuable information with one another. Founded in 2020, this is a rapidly growing community of software testers with more and more experts joining every month.

    uTest logouTest

    If you are looking for a platform that will help you evolve your testing skills and experience while earning money doing it, uTest is the place! The main feature of the platform by Applause is to link freelance software testers and paid testing projects based on their profile and skills. Even if you are an inexperienced tester, uTest provides software testing training to help testers get better. In addition, this is also a great community for testers to share insights and grow professional connections.

    StickyMinds logoStickyMinds

    Y’all heard of TechWell, right? The company that brings us top industry conferences like STAR (EAST & WEST) and Agile + Devops (EAST & WEST). Besides providing testers with a physical meeting point in their conferences, TechWell also gives testers a virtual meeting point and operates a software testing community. StickyMinds covers a diverse wide range of software testing aspects from agile testing to testing tools. There you will find interviews with testing experts, in-depth professional articles, access to previous conferences, and much more.

    EuroSTAR Huddle logoEuroSTAR Huddle

    The EuroSTAR Huddle provides European software testers with a platform to connect, learn, and grow. EuroSTAR focuses on the three C’s from their logo; Content and Connections for the Community. On their website, you could enjoy regularly updated learning resources that include comprehensive articles, webinars, ebooks, and so forth. Moreover, the EuroSTAR conference is among the main software testing conferences in Europe and can be a great face-to-face meeting place as well.

    The Test Tribe logoThe Test Tribe

    The Largest software testing community in India is a fantastic place for testers to collaborate and learn. The Test Tribe provides both online and offline platforms for testers and has done over 145 events with more than 13,000 attendees. On their website, The Test Tribe also offers courses, assistance finding testing jobs, meetups, etc. Join thousands of other QA testers and grow together with the biggest software testing community in Asia.

    Non-dedicate Platforms

    LinkedIn logoLinkedIn

    The largest professional social networking platform is a primary platform to e-meet testers. Linkedin is an employment-oriented social media platform that allows job seekers to search and apply for open positions in leading companies from different industries. With over 800 million registered users from all across the globe, LinkedIn also helps users expand their professional network and connect with colleagues and industry leaders. Like other social media platforms, there are QA and software testing groups where you can share thoughts, ask questions, and find relevant job opportunities. All of those benefits and features make LinkedIn a MUST TO HAVE social media platform for testers.

    Reddit logoReddit

    Among the top visited websites in the world, Reddit is, without a doubt, a significant place to interact with other software testers. In Reddit, registered users can open discussions with other users or ask questions and get answers about almost anything. There are dedicated QA and software testing communities on Reddit with over 20,000 members. Since this is such a popular site with so many users, you can always count on it to be active and receive answers to your questions.

    Slack logoSlack

    Although Slack is an instant messaging platform mainly used for businesses to connect teams and make their communication process simpler, it can be used for personal use too. You could find in slack public channels that are all dedicated to software testing and QA. In fact, some of the communities mentioned above have their own slack channel such as MoT and TechWell. The big advantage of this platform is that it works on direct messaging, and with a great number of channel members, you could ask questions and receive answers in no time.

    Discord logoDiscord

    With more than 350 million registered users, Discord is an incredible way for software testers to communicate. The app allows users to chat via text, voice, and video, which makes this platform flexible and adaptive to different users’ needs. Like other platforms on this list, it isn’t entirely devoted especially to QA, however, there are different servers created and managed by software testers for this sake. As a user, you can also share images and videos to make the communication more visualized and receive an immediate response from tons of different users.


    To sum things up, joining an online software testing community is a superb way to interact with other industry colleagues and expand your professional network. You could achieve valuable insights, share experiences, and receive answers to questions only testers can. There are various platforms that could be used as an online community for you to join. Some of them have been created specifically for software testing, and others are not but can still be beneficial. One way or another, there are situations where only software testers could relate and support, hence, joining a community like those in this blog post would give you a wonderful professional cover.

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    Did we miss anyone? You are welcome to suggest any additional online communities you think should be included here. And be sure to mention your favorite one.

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