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    We are proud to share that PractiTest has been recognized in The Continuous Automation Testing Platforms Landscape, Q3 2022, Forrester report.

    We are delighted to have been mentioned as a notable vendor.

    This report is a great tool for enterprises considering their automation and testing tool stack and evaluating vendors. It will help application development and testing leaders understand the value they can expect from a Continuous Automation Testing (CAT) platform vendor, learn what makes vendors different from each other, and select the right tool based on their size and market focus.

    The report states that the CAT market is an established market that:

    • Adopts shift-left and agile practices
    • Supports a good mix of large and small players
    • Embraces the hybrid and native cloud

    In this report, Test Management is being acknowledged as an important use case when choosing Continuous Automation Testing Platforms.

    The CATP report states that the main trend in the industry is that testers are no longer outsiders, but are embedded in product teams and development processes. The primary challenge according to the report, is to turn manual testers into automation test engineers and the top disruptor is the infusion of AI and ML into all testing phases.

    At PractiTest, we allow teams working with multiple automation frameworks to orchestrate their testing process by integrating the results from all their scattered tools into simple and insightful graphs and reports. This adds value to the CAT process, by providing not only execution results of tests but also actionable insights for the company's stakeholders such as time-based graphs and aggregate reports.

    Our revolutionary test orchestration method and AI capabilities are a perfect fit for where the industry is heading.

    • By allowing both Shift-left and Shift-right, PractiTest lets you manage testing in every stage of the process.
    • By incorporating all testing methods into one hub of information, the gap between manual and automation is closing, and the way you can analyze your data is inclusive and seamless.
    • By revealing AI insights such as the Test Value Score, the entire testing operation can be optimized based on historical run data and ML parameters.

    We continue to focus on market needs and evolve ahead of its trends and are proud to have been acknowledged in this Forrester report. PractiTest is an innovative test management solution, determined to give application development and testing leaders value that will help improve their business. To learn more about the PractiTest platform, or find out how we can help you improve your testing and test management process, Sign up for a demo here

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    About PractiTest

    - PractiTest editorial team

    PractiTest is an end-to-end SaaS test management platform that centralizes all your QA work, processes, teams, and tools into one platform to bridge silos, unify communication, and enable one source of truth across your organization.
    With PractiTest you can make informed data-driven decisions based on end-to-end visibility provided by customizable reports, real-time dashboards, and dynamic filter views.
    Improve team productivity; reuse testing elements to eliminate repetitive tasks, plan your team’s work based on AI-generated insights, and enable your team to focus on what really matters.
    PractiTest helps you align your testing operation with business goals, and deliver better products faster.

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