Become a Testing Superhero - Reach your full potential

Become a Testing Superhero

Not all superheroes throw magic lassoes or have self-healing bodies...

The superpowers of software testers

Much like superheroes, all testers have different superpowers they are using in their efforts to save the day.

And in today's fast-paced, complex and super technological world, our testing superheros' hands are super full and new superpowers are needed!

Such as:

  • Super Customer Awareness - The ability to see the product through the customer's eyes and to test the product with "real world" scenarios
  • Super Non-Functional Testing powers - The ability to test the product's actual behavior, performance, security level, and usability
  • Super Agility - The ability to be a central part of an agile development team and work in an Agile development environment
  • Super Communication & Reporting powers - The ability to provide super-accurate estimation, progress, and quality level reports
  • Super Automation powers - The ability to automate important tests that provide immediate value and identify issues early in the development process
  • Super Learning Abilities - The ability to keep up to date with new technologies

Just like superheroes, you can have more than one superpower :) In fact, the more super powers you master, the stronger testing superhero you become.

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