Mobile Test Management Done Right


Mobile Test Management Done Right

Mobile test management is a complex and challenging task. The process requires planning, controlling, tracking, executing and monitoring of different steps throughout the whole software development cycle. It can be a heavy, expensive and if done wrong a slow process until it reveals meaningful feedback on the quality of the product or the development process.

In today's fast pace mobile development and release cycle, companies can't afford any mistakes of their mobile products. Mobile products must have a high quality level, if not the customers will switch to another app or product with a single tap and will never come back.

In this webinar, Daniel explains what is needed in order to establish a reliable, lightweight and lean mobile test management process and what are the most important parts of the planning and execution steps.

Key Takeaways

1. Know your customers and involve them in the development
2. How to define mobile test scenarios and make them reusable
3. How to handle the technical mobile challenges
4. How to release mobile products on a regular basis with confidence
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