Leverage AI-Powered Test Value Score

Optimize your testing process, enhance performance, and prioritize your tests to beat testing constraints

What is the Test Value Score?

Test Value Score is a revolutionary AI-powered feature that dynamically assigns a score to each test according to the contribution it provides to the testing process. The Test Value Score allows Test Managers to optimize their testing operation under time constraints and budget limitations.

Removing the guess-work from the equation

As more teams and organizations work in Agile & DevOps environments, the role of testing is shifting from finding bugs for developers to fix, towards delivering quality with very limited resources and time. Test managers and architects need to make sure their testing process is optimized and as lean as possible while still providing the required value to the organization. The Test Value Score helps you make decisions based on the true value of your tests, removing the guess-work from the equation.

Optimize your testing operations

With the Test Value Score, you can easily choose and prioritize the best tests to run out of a specific group according to your needs, find tests that require maintenance, list the tests that should be retired from your execution schedule and more. You can create filters to show you tests with high or low scores, and fix or prioritize them accordingly.

Value analysis based on your real data

The value score is calculated with the help of Machine Learning algorithms, based on the experience gained by PractiTest from working with thousands of teams and millions of test runs. The score given to each test is based on parameters related to the test its past runs, bugs reported from it, and more.

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Continue evolving with AI-Driven Test Management

Introducing an innovative and extraordinary AI-based feature is just the beginning. PractiTest is constantly improving our test management platform to satisfy our customers’ needs.

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Value score is based on Machine Learning and an evolving algorithm defining the true value your tests are contributing to your QA operation.

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Deliver quality and overcome agile challenges


Make fast decisions based on the true value of your tests. Decide which tests should be run in a limited amount of time and ensure quality while shifting right or left.

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Optimized testing operation


Use Filters to view the value status of your tests and optimize your testing plans and operations accordingly.

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Wiser test management tactical decisions


Choose and prioritize which tests to run, decide which tests should be maintained or retired, all based on the value your tests contribute to your quality operation.

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Real-time analysis of your testing operations


Run your tests and see how the test value score changes and evolves with every run. The PractiTest AI algorithm bases the value on your actual testing operation giving you a more accurate score for each test.