PractiTest search option allows you to find information fast and easily. In a smart way.


Our search box appears on the top bar and seams generic, but once you search for something – it becomes a whole new thing.

First of all, we have a great auto-complete feature for the search box so just start typing and let us do the rest!

Let’s say you want to find results for the exact words “Valid login”. Start typing “Valid …” in the Search section and then click the result you want.

Autocomplete feature



You will now see two results sections: Advanced Search and Search results

Results Sections

Search results section shows the information across Requirements, Tests and Issues. The results are displayed in the tabular format and include the following fields: Type, ID, Title/Name, Status, Assigned to and Updated.

Clicking on entity ID (info icon) provides you with entity description and its details. Clicking on entity Title/Name shows the entity itself.

Advanced Facets Filtering Additional Criteria allow you to tune the search according to the field-based criteria.

You can basically add more and more filters to your search.

For example, you want to find entities that have the exact match of “Valid login” and are assigned to “Joel Montvelisky”.

Click Assigned To. Here you can see the statistics of this search.

Statistics of search

Choose “Joel Montvelisky” – On the left you will see the search filter (blue box) and on the right you will see all entities assigned to “Joel Montvelisky” that match your initial search for “Valid Login”

Filter results by assigned to

You can continue adding filters to your search in the same way. For example click “Product component” on the left side

Adding filters to your search

Choose “Plugins” for example and this is what you will see:

Further Filtering


Now, you might have noticed the grey box at the top left of the search window. You will find some special characters you can use to narrow down your search:

” – Search for the exact phrase (e.g. “New User” will match only results with the exact words New User)
* – Match any number of characters (e.g. qua* will match both quality and quantity words)
? – Match exactly one character (e.g. m?n will match man and men)
+ – Require a word to appear in the result (e.g. New +User will match only results which include the word User)
– – Exclude records with this word from results (e.g. -New User will not include any result which has the word New in it)