Bristol Energy Case Study

Bristol Energy is a national gas and electricity company originated in the UK. The company is supplying both domestic and commercial customers.

The Challenge

David Carter, a test analyst in Bristol Energy was evaluating several different solutions for the challenge he and his team were facing. The team is relatively small and contains two full time testers and two in-house developers. Before they started working with PractiTest, the Bristol Energy QA team used Excel sheets to store their test cases and test results and was recording their bugs on a third party tool.

Described the challenge his team was facing prior to choosing PractiTest David says: “I would have to spend time chasing people to make sure they had updated the spreadsheet with their testing results. As soon as I updated the spreadsheet it quickly became out of date”.

The Solution

The main reasons David and his team decided to adopt PractiTest as their test management solution are: First, the ability to record test cases, test steps and test evidence in one system. Secondly, PractiTest can generate scheduled reports which they needed for recording their testing process. In addition, the fact that the system is cloud based meant easy implementation process and flexible billing. This drew them to choose the system over other systems.

The PractiTest Benefits

When David was asked about the benefits PractiTest has for their QA process he had five major points to state:

The first point regards the time management: “Quick and easy to create test sets and enables us to concentrate on testing rather than reporting. The flexibility around custom fields and filters is great.”

On communication: “It does make it clear that everyone is testing and I can see instantly the latest test progress or issues. I can also easily build and share reports with other stakeholders we are still really at the early stages of using the reporting functionality.”

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