Aternity Case Study

Aternity provides performance management tools that monitor the end user experience on a variety of applications and platforms. The company supplies their customers with a clear overview of their work process and performance parameters. Aternity and its products are continually sought by global enterprises and IT solution providers as a strategic business partner and enabler for key IT initiatives.

The Challenge

The main challenge for Aternity’s QA team was to adapt their testing operations in order to comply with the decision by their company to adopt SCRUM as their development process.

This was especially challenging given that they are constantly releasing new versions and patches to the field, and each one of them needs to be tested on a large number of platforms and configurations.  On top of that, a large number of Aternity’s testing is still done manually.

The Solution

David Elimelech, Aternity’s Director of QA, heard about PractiTest from a friend.  He liked the idea of introducing a SaaS product as a testing platform and thus saving the need for adding an in-house IT person to maintain the platform.

He ultimately chose PractiTest because of its closeness in concept to known industry tools. This similarity made deployment fast and easy.

The PractiTest Benefits

“First and foremost, PractiTest greatest advantage is its organization of the documentation of all tests and test sets.  Moreover, David states that the PractiTest team provided good and fast customer service that helped him and his team on their way to overcoming our QA challenges.

In short, Practitest provides the fluency and visibility needed to manage complex multi-platform testing, organizing the work of their Scrum process, while keeping up with the fast pace of product releases.

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