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Tips to Become a Kick-Ass Tester in Today’s Changing Environment

In this webinar we will clear some of these issues up, and give you practical tips you can “start doing now” to stay ahead of these trends.

It is no secret that our professional environment is changing, but what does that mean for you and your work?
Will automation take over your job? What is testing in DevOps? and what the heck is “Modern Testing” anyway?!?!

If any of the following interests you - be sure to sign up:

-  How is testing changing and why is this important?
-   How testing will look in the future? (some possible ideas)
-   Concrete things you can do today to make sure you will still 

     be relevant as a future tester


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This Webinar aired on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

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Webinar by Joel Montvelisky
PractiTest Chief Solution Architect

With over 20 years of testing experience, Joel is an expert with vast knowledge in various QA methodologies.

Joel Montvelisky
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