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How to Reduce Test Case Maintenance by Efficient Test Case Design and Organization

In this guest webinar, Randall Rice shows real-world, practical ways to create and maintain test cases with minimal effort, both in manual and automated approaches.

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Main takeaways:
1. Approaches for test design that are flexible to change

2. How to achieve efficient test design using PractiTest

3. How to maximize test coverage without adding huge numbers of tests.

Guest Speaker Randall W. Rice, CTAL

A leading author, speaker, consultant and practitioner in the field of software testing and software quality. He has over 40 years of experience in building and testing software projects in a variety of domains, including defense, medical, financial and insurance. Randy has authored over 70 training courses in software testing, and related software engineering topics. Randy holds many testing certifications, including all five ISTQB Advanced Certifications.

Randy is co-author of Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing and Testing Dirty Systems. He is on the board of directors of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB).

Randy is co-owner of 
Rice Consulting Services and continues to train, mentor and consult with testers and test managers worldwide.

Many organizations lack a consistent and efficient approach to designing and implementing test cases and test procedures. As a result, the tests are often difficult to maintain due to their structure, volume, and organization. 

Since changes impact testware in a direct way, it is important to have an effective way to deal with changes. In addition, optimized testware approaches can greatly facilitate automation of those test cases and procedures.

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