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How To Include Developers in Your Testing Strategy

This webinar will tackle these challenges and more:

More and more projects include developers to take on testing tasks.

This creates new challenges such as how to motivate and train your developers to test, and how to choose which tasks should go to which members of your team for maximum efficiency.

  • Why it's challenging for developers to test and how to motivate them.
  • How to plan your testing to fit the strong points of each team member.
  • How to prepare your project's testing and development teammates for the tasks ahead.
  • Pitfalls that might arise when involving developers in testing and how to get in front of it.
  • How to improve workflow and communication with 'Project Task Boards'.

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Webinar by Joel Montvelisky
PractiTest Chief Solution Architect

With over 20 years of testing experience, Joel is an expert with vast knowledge in various QA methodologies.

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