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How testers can help deliver a great mobile experience

In this guest webinar, Kristel Kruustük presents practical tips for testers so they can contribute to successful mobile experience

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Main takeaways:
1. How to elevate your skills as a tester
2. How to prioritize testing choices that provide quality

Guest Speaker Kristel (Viidik) Kruustuk, Founder and Chief Testing Officer at Testlio

Six years ago Kristel Kruustük became frustrated by how QA testers were treated. She imagined a platform appreciating the work of testers and elevating the importance of QA within organizations. Her passion to create a change in the field she loves led her to start her own business. Today, Kristel is the founder and Chief Testing Officer of Testlio.

Testlio handles QA for many successful companies such as NBA, Hotels.com, Lyft, CBS etc. The company has offices in San Francisco and Tallinn with 60+ employees,  
10,000+ global testers and has raised over 8 million dollars.

With millions of mobile apps available, marketplaces are crowded and competition is fierce. Mobile app quality has become a crucial differentiator for success in the mobile ecosystem. Meaning a tester’s role is also evolving beyond the traditional model of following a script step-by-step.

Being a software tester is not merely about finding bugs, it’s also about ensuring amazing mobile experience.

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