PractiTest Updates

New Reports Module and better Tests batch operations

Last updated: March 01, 2010

This weekend we released a new update to PractiTest.

As always it came with many small fixes and improvements, but it also included 2 major improvements that were high in our users’ wish list:

  • Reports Module
  • Improvements to the Test Batch operations

Reports Module

Even though it is still in Beta, we’re very happy launch the Reports module in this version.
What you see today is only a subset of the reports we’ll be having in the future, but we believe it already provides some great value.

The heart of the module, the Report Center, is where you create your reports and where you can see all the previous reports generated for your project:


In this first release you can create reports based on 3 templates: Tabular, Traceability and Detailed report; and you can use these templates for each of the PractiTest entities (Issues, Tests and Requirements).

This is how the new reports definition window looks like:


We will be happy to get your feedback as well as ideas for the additional features you like to see within this module. Please provide share with us your comments on our Feedback Forum.

Batch Edit & Batch Clone on the Tests Module

There are some features in the system that we know people use all the time, for example the batch edit and batch clone features within the Tests Module.

Still, until today, this feature had a small problem, there was no easy way to set a field to empty once it was already filled with data. So on 95% of the cases this was enough, but we decided to go the extra mile and make this feature right 100% of the time.

We updated the edit/clone form in a way that let’s you decide what fields you want to modify by first selecting the checkbox next to the field name (if you want to leave this field “as is” just leave it unchecked). If you want to set a field to “empty”, simply select to modify and choose the empty option (of the drop down, or un-select the checkbox for example).


We are already busy working on the next batch of features to be updated shortly.
So see you in our next update with more cool features!

PractiTest Reviewed by IsraelTest

Last updated: February 01, 2010


On July 2009, we got reviewed by IsraelTest blog. Since the review is in Hebrew we decided to translate it to English and share it with all of you: IsraelTest_Product_review.pdf

More permissions and better Account Visibility

Last updated: February 01, 2010

During the few weeks we concentrated a lot in our back-end server infrastructure, resulting in today’s upgrade with few functional additions, but bug fixes and back-end related stuff.

These are the two small features that we did add to this release:

  • A specific permission type related to the Custom Views, which means, if you’re not the owner / author of the view, and don’t have this permission (by default Administrators only), then you cannot change other’s views. You can change your own views though.
  • ‘Account Settings’, available only to Account owners, near the ‘settings’ link. The Account Settings shows to the Account owners how many projects there are under their account, the users’ license information, and the keys for using our API.

Improving your filters, and allowing you to see your “ancestor’s attachments”

Last updated: February 01, 2010

Our latest updated comes to answer some of the “small-feature” requests we’ve been getting from the field these last number of weeks. We decided to make it a small one, so that it would allow us to continue developing the cool new functionality that will be available shortly (teaser – it rhymes with passports…)

This update comes with the following additions:

  • New filter criteria to display entities based on whether one of more of their fields are “empty” or “not-empty”. A simple change to make a world of difference.


    • When a test has been cloned from a previews test, the system will also allow you to see the attachments of the original test(s) and not only those of the current one.


  • PractiTest now remembers the status of the Folder Tree in the Test & Execution module, and it will not expand it whenever you enter the view.
  • And many small fixes and improvements related to working with large number of views and folders, cloning operations, filtering with dates, etc.

See you all real soon with a new update!

SVN Integration, links between issues, template tests and more

Last updated: January 01, 2010

We started the New Year full of energy, and we continue working hard to implement the important things our users ask for.

So, even though last week we delivered a set of cool testing features, we decided not to wait any longer and release a new PractiTest version this weekend with some additional things that were ready to be released (we don’t believe in letting our users wait needlessly)

  • SVN integration. Covering the end-to-end development process by linking between the Issues handled in PractiTest and the changes to the code base itself. Click to learn more about our svn-integration.
  • Links between issues, great for multiple cases such as duplicate bugs, related tasks, etc.
  • Template tests flag, to create a specific type of tests that is not to be run but serves as a template to create test suits and views. To activate this flag go to the Settings > Project Fields tab.
  • Statistics for numeric fields in the Test & Execution module. Useful for things like calculating the estimated effort to run a set of tests, or the mean time it took to execute tests.
  • And other changes and fixes.

In addition to stuff above, we also did some cosmetic changes to the GUI of PractiTest to re-organize the screen and provide more working space on the screen (something that is always on high-demand). As part of this changes we took out the settings tab and placed it as a link on the top right of the screen, just in case you were wondering where that tab had gone…

We invite you to continue sharing with us your feature requests and wishes. The best way to do this is by going to PractiTest’s Users Forum and adding or voting for the things you’d like to see in the Platform.

ultiple-select lists, Issue status resolution, and more added features

Last updated: January 01, 2010

With this new year we are releasing a new version that brings some of the functional features requested by many of you lately:

  • Multi-select lists, with the ability to choose more than one value for the same field.
  • Issue status resolution field, in cases where you want to add not only a status but a resolution. For example to specify the kind of fix performed, or the reason an issue is being rejected.
  • Bulk deletion of tests, when doing mass operation on tests that require you to delete large numbers at once.
  • And other smaller features and fixes throughout the system.

As always, we invite you to share any comments or feedback with us, both via our support hot-line or our user feedback site.

Last but not least we wanted to wish you a Joyful, Successful and most importantly Happy New Year!

Tests Management enhancements and more

Last updated: December 01, 2009


This weekend (November 6th) we performed an additional update to PractiTest incorporating some useful and important features into the system.

Some of the most important additions are:

  • Batch edit in Tests – where users can either select individual tests or whole views and perform batch modifications to the fields in the entities. (We are experimenting with this editing mechanism in the Tests module before deciding whether to implement it in the Issues module too, feel free to tell us what you think).
  • Navigation Mechanism in Issues and Tests – allowing users to navigate from entity to entity in their views without needing to go back to the grid. A small improvement that we think will save a lot of “clicks” to our users.
  • Enhancements to the test cloning mechanism – allowing users to choose tests one by one before cloning a new Test Suit.
  • Improvements to the folder management mechanism in Tests – allowing to edit and move folders more easily. Starting from this update, you can also clone tests from folders too.
  • Additions to the Jira integration plug-in – based on the initial feedback we received from our users.
  • And many smaller features and fixes throughout the system.

Many of the features above came from the feedback provided by our users in PractiTest’s Feedback Forum. We encourage you all to keep telling us what you want and need, and we will do our best to fill out your wishes…

Our Test Management Tool integrates with Jira

Last updated: December 01, 2009

We know of a number of reasons people like using PractiTest.
For example the idea of running tests and reporting issues automatically when a step fails, without needing to manually add all the steps to reproduce the bug.
The fact that all the testware (Requirements, Tests & Issues) is located in the same system.
The easy of use and simplicity of the User Interface.
And these are only a few…

Still we also see companies who are interested in using PractiTest as their Test Management Tool, but don’t want (or can’t) move their whole R&D team to work with PractiTest as their single Issue tracking system. After receiving a number of requests from companies like these, that are also using Jira, we developed an Integration between Jira and PractiTest.

One of the main difference in our approach is that, unlike many of the other tools integrating with Jira with a 1-side only integration (where bugs submitted in their tool are only copied to Jira and then the link is cut), we implemented a 2-way synchronization that allows our users to still take advantage of our Bug Management as well as our Test Management functionality:

  • If you create an Issue on PractiTest you will see it on Jira
  • If you create an Issue on Jira you will see it on PractiTest
  • When you edit or update an issue, either on Jira or on PractiTest, you will see the changes on the other tool
  • So if there’s a bug that originated from a test in PractiTest, you will see all the steps also in Jira, and you will be able to go to the Test in PractiTest directly from the Jira window.

The integrations requires some configuration and mapping (for the fields and their values in both tools) before it starts, but this configuration makes it very flexible and a lot more intelligent than simply copying the default system fields as they are.


The bottom line is that it took us more time than we originally thought it would take to develop this integration, but we think we are on to something good. So I’d like to thank all the users who keep working with us on this project and giving us feedback on the plugin, and to our R&D guys for developing it around the clock.

PractiTest-Jira Integration Help

Updated PractiTest help

Last updated: October 01, 2009

help_for_blog3Today we posted a new version of PractiTest’s product help.

This new version includes most of the changes and improvements we did mainly to the Settings module. There is also a Getting Started section with explanations on how to perform some of PractiTest most common operations.