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Alerting before loosing unsaved data, multilists on the dashboard, improved account visibility and more

Last updated: November 30, 2011

Just before the end of the 2011, and maybe as a starting point for 2012, we just released (this last Wednesday) and update to PractiTest with additional features requested by many of you during the last couple of months.

The feature list is extensive, but here is a summary of the highlights:

    • User alert before leaving a page with unsaved data. A simple yet useful reminder for those cases when you “accidentally” left a page with issues or tests and you forgot save your work before hand.
    • Multilist support on the dashboard. This feature will allow you to create graphs and tables also for fields of type multilist, providing enhanced visibility into your project.
  • Added instance count field to the Test Set Grid. Similar to the Step Count in the Test Library, providing added visibility into your Test Sets
  • Improved visibility into the users in your account. Showing Account Administrators a list of their users by the projects they are assigned to, and of the projects with all the users in them. This feature also allows you to delete users from all projects simultaneously.
  • Email notification for users when added to a new project. Making sure your users are aware of new assignments or additional projects they can now access via PractiTest.
  • And many additional smaller features and fixes

As always, we invite you to go to our User’s Feedback forum and update us with the features and options you would like to see included in PractiTest. This information is really important to us to make our system better and more aligned with your needs.

From all the PractiTest team and family, we hope you had a pretty cool and fun 2011, and we wish 2012 is you an event better year; a year of happiness, success & fruitful testing!

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