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Improved grid, attachments to steps, fast filters and more

Last updated: October 01, 2011

We’ve been working really hard on the “October-2011” version of PractiTest, that we released this Wednesday (today 🙂 ).

To be honest, we originally aimed to release this update about 6 weeks ago, but the scope of the features kept growing, and it took us more than expected to reach “code freeze”. Eventually, we decided to cut the scope a little and made this release as an opening shot for the next ones to come.

Here are some of the major items we included in this version:

  • Better (ajax) grid in the Issues and Test-Instances. This grid comes with many requested features, such as:
    • Batch edit & batch filter – also to Test-Instances
    • Better and complete batch edit for Issues
    • Batch delete where permitted
    • Column chooser for the Instance Grid -> this means you can choose what columns you want to see in the instance grid, including custom fields
    • and more
  • Attachment support for steps – enabling to attachments (or links) to steps, and see them while you run the test.
  • Better history log for step changes
  • Adding comment to the ‘send by email’ feature of the issues
  • a large number of additional improvements and bug fixes

We already started working on the next version, and always there are many things coming that have been asked for in our User Feedback forum. Still, we ask you to keep telling us what you’d like to see in PractiTest so that we can make the system even better for all of us.

Until next time (hopefully in a shorter time this time around)!

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