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Dashboard & Reporting features, Test Sets’ improvements and much more

Last updated: February 28, 2011


This weekend we released a new version of PractiTest with many features requested during the last couple of months.


dashboard-graph– Added the option to create a Private Dashboard tab where each user can define the graphs and information he wants to see.
– Dashboard graphs are now clickable and will allow users to “zoom-in” and see the data behind the specific pie or graph displayed. So, for example, in a pie chart of the bugs for your release you can click and see the specific ones that are in status rejected or open.
– We added the ability to personalize which dashboard tab you want to be displayed by default on each of your projects.
– Added new dashboard items for test instances.


Exporting, Reporting and Printing
– We added the ability to print specific issues, tests, test sets and requirements straight from the form.
– Expanded the support to export specific custom views from all the modules in PractiTest.

Test Execution
– Users can now see the attachments defined in the test library as part of the test instances running within a test set.
– We added a visual indication when adding test instances to your test set whenever a specific test is already part of the given test set.

– Improvements to the Multiselect fields.
– Plus a number of additional smaller features and fixes.

As the amount of feature requests grows from month to month we’d like to remind and encourage you to use our User Feedback Forum in order to let us know what additional functionality you’d like to see in PractiTest. Remember that this forum is there not only to add your own requests, but also to vote for the features requested by other users that you’d also want to see in PractiTest. This in turn will help us plan and prioritize our work based on your priorities.

Feel free to let us know what you think by leaving comments and sending us your feedback!

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