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Views and Filters in the Requirements module

Last updated: October 01, 2010

This week we rolled-out a new PractiTest update. This version comes with a large number of features and improvements that came directly from our customers’ feedback.

One of the biggest additions is the expansion of the Views & Filters functionality into the Requirements module. This features was requested by a number of users who realized Hierarchical Views is what they need in order to manage their requirements more effectively.

As an example, Views can allow you to classify requirements as a hierarchical product tree and also organize them based on Versions and Releases you have in your project plan; you will also be able to group them based on the customer that requested the requirement, or on the cross over functionality it covers. As you see, the possibilities and flexibility are endless – and so are sometimes our users requirements 🙂

Some additional functionality added as part of this version is:

  • Expansion of the Actual Results field in the test runs. Giving you more space to add results and format them to provide a better description of your findings.
  • Save & New button in the Requirements, Tests and Issues. This button will assist you when entering multiple entities for a single product area, by allowing you to save the entity (i.e. test) and keeping all the fields in the general tab so that you don’t need to enter them once again from the beginning.
  • Hide / Show all Step Details in the Test Library Steps. Providing a better and faster way to go over your steps when reviewing or updating your tests.
  • And an a large number of smaller features and fixes around views, exporting, emailing, search, tags, etc.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue sharing your requests via our Users Feedback Forum.

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