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Better TestSets, Trac integration and more in latest upgrade

Last updated: September 01, 2010

It’s been more than a month since we introduced the new scalable Test Management model with TestSets and Test Instances.
In this release we improved the functionality around this new model:

  • Reporting for Test Instances
  • Sorting Test-Instances, inside a TestSet
  • Adding a whole Test-view to a TestSet
  • Improved GUI when adding the Instances

In addition to the above and the bug fixes we also added a one-way integration with Trac, like we already have with Bugzilla, Jira, and Fogbugz.

Notifications Change

The change that we believe would be mostly appreciated by you is the change in the notification mechanism. Until today, the notifications were sent to the user, according to his preference:



From this update, the notification will not be sent to the user who’ve made the change. There’s no reason to send me an email with the notification of change in a Test, if I’m the one who did that change. So let’s assume there’s a new Issue – the system checks who should be notified for this issue : all the users whose preferences is “for all issue changes” + the author if the author have check in “where I am the author” preference + the assignee, if the assignee set on his preference to be notified. So before sending PractiTest will remove from this list the current user (who, is in this case, the user who created this new issue). In a way, from now on, PractiTest is smart enough to really send only the notifications you need.

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