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More flexible and scalable Test Management

Last updated: August 01, 2010

This week we performed a PractiTest system upgrade to implement a feature we’ve been planning for some time: a more flexible and scalable Test Management model.

This new model allows you to create and manage a Test Library with all the Tests you need to validate your application or system. It then provides a separate tab, called Test Sets & Runs, where you plan and run your testing tasks (or cycles) based on the tests already written and available in the Test Library.


This new model enhances the flexibility and scalability of your testing process:

  • Allowing you to create a test once in the Test Library and re-use it multiple times on your Test Sets (or even multiple times in the same Test Set).
  • Makes it easier to manage your test repository by having only one copy of each test.
  • Provides a quick and easy way to track the status of your test throughout their lifecycle by looking at all their runs from a new Test Sets tab available on each of your tests in the Test Library.


The new model is available by default in all PractiTest project created from this moment on.
Since we don’t want to disrupt the work in existing projects we will provide users with a period of time in order to migrate their projects from the previous to this new testing model. To migrate your project or to get more information simply contact your PractiTest representative or send an email to our support team.

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