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5 cool features of PractiTest that hardly seen in any Test Management Tool

Last updated: August 05, 2010

Why PractiTest?

Sometimes potential customers ask us to help them understand whether PractiTest is the best solution for their needs. We believe that having Joel working with them to help define their process and customize the platform to their needs is invaluable.

But there are a number of additional cool features that make PractiTest a unique solution. We want to show you (only) five of them:

  1. Anti-Bug Duplication mechanism – Duplicates, bugs that are reported more than once in the system, are a pain for every organization. The overhead and the waste of time of looking for the original bug, defining it as a duplicate, and rejecting the new one is something that we all would like to save from our daily lives.
    What if you knew the bug you we are writing right now is a duplicate of an existing bug?
    PractiTest comes with a built-in solution to the duplicate-bugs problem: the minute anyone starts entering a bug the systems instantly displays the similar bugs candidates, enabling the user to decide whether this bug is a new one or not.
  2. Bug by mail – With PractiTest you can report Issues directly from your email client. This is great if you have customers or field engineers (sales, support, etc) who don’t have access to PractiTest, or if you want to forward someone’s bug directly from your inbox to the system:
  3. Unbelievable Customizations – not only can you customize the fields for your Requirements, Tests & Issues, but you can also implement your own user-permission levels and even define the workflow of your issues.
    Read more about PractiTest’s customization
  4. Hierarchical custom views – This is one feature that, once you understand how it works and the value you get from it, you cannot stop using it.
    The basic idea is that you can organize your tests-tree based on any fields you choose, for example release version, but ALSO, based on product component and sub-component, and ALSO based on Run Status, etc.
    Unlike folders where the Tests are only shown in one place, with views you can show a single test in multiple different trees based on your needs. This is similar to how gmail works with Tags, but BETTER!
    Read more about our hierarchal custom views.
  5. Integration with SVN – This is a must for many development teams who choose to work in this very organized way. For each issue you can see all the SVN commits linked to your issues, and also instruct SVN not to allow a commit without an issue being assigned to it.
    You can about our integration with SVN

Writing this post made me realize we have a lot more to write about, but maybe I’ll leave that to a latter post.

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