PractiTest: integration with JIRA, Bugzilla & FogBugz

PractiTest integration with JIRA, Bugzilla & FogBugz

Last updated: June 01, 2010

This week we performed a system upgrade with a feature that was being requested repeatedly by a number of users: the ability to integrate PractiTest with Bugzilla and FogBugz.

This upgrade also comes to improve our existing JIRA integration, and it enables Organizations to keep working with their available Bug Tracking systems, while allowing them to link these “external” defects into PractiTest and gain the traceability between the 2 platforms. You can learn more about this integration and how to configure it from our help pages.

In addition to the new and improved integrations (and to some additional issues fixes) this upgrade includes improvements to PractiTest’s import mechanism, helping users by providing more feedback on errors during the import process.

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