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MS Study finds that SMBs using hosted solutions perform better

Last updated: March 01, 2010

cloud_money-300x225We stumbled upon a report from Microsoft saying that Small & Medium Businesses using hosted services and solutions perform better financially than those using in-house software. You can check their press release here.

To summarize their findings, the study performed by a third party research firm showed that companies using SaaS and Cloud Based products, such as PractiTest :), showed higher revenues than those using traditional in-house solutions. The research also pointed at the fact that both awareness as well as the migration of SMBs towards SaaS solutions is growing year after year.

Michael Korbacher, a director in Microsoft, said that “Using pay-as-you-go cloud technologies, small and midsize businesses can now afford and easily have access to enterprise-class, secure services across any platform.

The study also quotes Dale Vile, research director of Freedom Dynamics saying that “This whole picture corroborates the notion that technology and hosted services can provide tangible business advantage, even for smaller companies, and it – not surprising to see that investment in IT and hosting goes hand in hand with good financial performance.

So what we always knew that makes perfect sense now gets a formal approval: SaaS solutions such as PractiTest are good for SMBs since they allow them to get the best possible products at accessible costs, and not only taking into account the price of the licenses but also the overall cost of installing and maintaining these solution in-house.

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