Update February 2010 - PractiTest - Test Management"

Improving your filters, and allowing you to see your “ancestor’s attachments”

Last updated: February 01, 2010

Our latest updated comes to answer some of the “small-feature” requests we’ve been getting from the field these last number of weeks. We decided to make it a small one, so that it would allow us to continue developing the cool new functionality that will be available shortly (teaser – it rhymes with passports…)

This update comes with the following additions:

  • New filter criteria to display entities based on whether one of more of their fields are “empty” or “not-empty”. A simple change to make a world of difference.


    • When a test has been cloned from a previews test, the system will also allow you to see the attachments of the original test(s) and not only those of the current one.


  • PractiTest now remembers the status of the Folder Tree in the Test & Execution module, and it will not expand it whenever you enter the view.
  • And many small fixes and improvements related to working with large number of views and folders, cloning operations, filtering with dates, etc.

See you all real soon with a new update!

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