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SVN Integration, links between issues, template tests and more

Last updated: January 01, 2010

We started the New Year full of energy, and we continue working hard to implement the important things our users ask for.

So, even though last week we delivered a set of cool testing features, we decided not to wait any longer and release a new PractiTest version this weekend with some additional things that were ready to be released (we don’t believe in letting our users wait needlessly)

  • SVN integration. Covering the end-to-end development process by linking between the Issues handled in PractiTest and the changes to the code base itself. Click to learn more about our svn-integration.
  • Links between issues, great for multiple cases such as duplicate bugs, related tasks, etc.
  • Template tests flag, to create a specific type of tests that is not to be run but serves as a template to create test suits and views. To activate this flag go to the Settings > Project Fields tab.
  • Statistics for numeric fields in the Test & Execution module. Useful for things like calculating the estimated effort to run a set of tests, or the mean time it took to execute tests.
  • And other changes and fixes.

In addition to stuff above, we also did some cosmetic changes to the GUI of PractiTest to re-organize the screen and provide more working space on the screen (something that is always on high-demand). As part of this changes we took out the settings tab and placed it as a link on the top right of the screen, just in case you were wondering where that tab had gone…

We invite you to continue sharing with us your feature requests and wishes. The best way to do this is by going to PractiTest’s Users Forum and adding or voting for the things you’d like to see in the Platform.

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