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Last updated: December 01, 2009


This weekend (November 6th) we performed an additional update to PractiTest incorporating some useful and important features into the system.

Some of the most important additions are:

  • Batch edit in Tests – where users can either select individual tests or whole views and perform batch modifications to the fields in the entities. (We are experimenting with this editing mechanism in the Tests module before deciding whether to implement it in the Issues module too, feel free to tell us what you think).
  • Navigation Mechanism in Issues and Tests – allowing users to navigate from entity to entity in their views without needing to go back to the grid. A small improvement that we think will save a lot of “clicks” to our users.
  • Enhancements to the test cloning mechanism – allowing users to choose tests one by one before cloning a new Test Suit.
  • Improvements to the folder management mechanism in Tests – allowing to edit and move folders more easily. Starting from this update, you can also clone tests from folders too.
  • Additions to the Jira integration plug-in – based on the initial feedback we received from our users.
  • And many smaller features and fixes throughout the system.

Many of the features above came from the feedback provided by our users in PractiTest’s Feedback Forum. We encourage you all to keep telling us what you want and need, and we will do our best to fill out your wishes…

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