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Our Test Management Tool integrates with Jira

Last updated: December 01, 2009

We know of a number of reasons people like using PractiTest.
For example the idea of running tests and reporting issues automatically when a step fails, without needing to manually add all the steps to reproduce the bug.
The fact that all the testware (Requirements, Tests & Issues) is located in the same system.
The easy of use and simplicity of the User Interface.
And these are only a few…

Still we also see companies who are interested in using PractiTest as their Test Management Tool, but don’t want (or can’t) move their whole R&D team to work with PractiTest as their single Issue tracking system. After receiving a number of requests from companies like these, that are also using Jira, we developed an Integration between Jira and PractiTest.

One of the main difference in our approach is that, unlike many of the other tools integrating with Jira with a 1-side only integration (where bugs submitted in their tool are only copied to Jira and then the link is cut), we implemented a 2-way synchronization that allows our users to still take advantage of our Bug Management as well as our Test Management functionality:

  • If you create an Issue on PractiTest you will see it on Jira
  • If you create an Issue on Jira you will see it on PractiTest
  • When you edit or update an issue, either on Jira or on PractiTest, you will see the changes on the other tool
  • So if there’s a bug that originated from a test in PractiTest, you will see all the steps also in Jira, and you will be able to go to the Test in PractiTest directly from the Jira window.

The integrations requires some configuration and mapping (for the fields and their values in both tools) before it starts, but this configuration makes it very flexible and a lot more intelligent than simply copying the default system fields as they are.


The bottom line is that it took us more time than we originally thought it would take to develop this integration, but we think we are on to something good. So I’d like to thank all the users who keep working with us on this project and giving us feedback on the plugin, and to our R&D guys for developing it around the clock.

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