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Presenting PractiTest’s product feedback forum

Last updated: October 01, 2009

During the last couple of months we’ve seen a steady increase in the number companies working with PractiTest. Together with new users come their ideas on how to improve the system, and so we literally got flooded with great features and enhancement requests.

Don’t get me wrong we are obviously thrilled! But if some time ago we managed to collect all this info manually (by talking directly to all our clients) and prioritize it based on the number of users who wanted each feature, today this task has become almost impossible without an automated system.

So, we found a system we really like: here’s the link to PractiTest’s Feedback Forum
Please don’t hesitate, just go and log all your requests there!

Before suggesting a new feature make a quick search and if it was already requested just vote for it. You have 10 votes and you can choose to give 1-3 votes to each request / idea.

Here’s how it looks like:

One last thing…
In parallel to the features we develop based on customer feedback, we have a defined product road-map and a clear idea of where we want PractiTest to head in the future. This means that we continue developing functionality based on this road-map even if sometimes these features have not been explicitly requested by customers yet.

Having said that, we always make sure that each new release includes functionality or improvements that were requested by users and we prioritize them using the feedback you provide.

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