TestLodge Vs. HP’s ALM – Quality Center

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2018 Test Management Tool Comparison: TestLodge Vs. HP’s ALM – Quality Center


Trying to decide which Test Management tool to use can be challenging. There is such a large variety of solutions all promising to be the best. What should guide you however, is to choose the one that will best your QA process.

If you are trying to decide between TestLodge and HP’s Quality Center, the comparison below should help you better understand their strengths and weaknesses and help you decide. We also recommend using this helpful checklist with the points you must take notice of when comparing testing tools.

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TestLodge HP Quality Center
End-to-End Coverage & Methodology:
Customization check check
Reporting check check
Requirement Management check check
Test case management check check
Issue management (with internal Issues module) check
No Parameterization of Test Cases and Sets
No batch cloning
Integration with Bug trackers check check
Zapier integration cross cross
Custom internal Jenkins plugin cross check
Ability to integrate with API check check
Custom internal Jenkins plugin cross check
Service and Support check check

Additional features:

  • Search with ability to add criteria
cross check
  • External dashboard and embedding graphs
cross cross
Activity feed check check
  • Cloud or Installed
  • Discussion forum
check check
  • Amazon advanced technology partner
cross cross
  • Session based test management (exploratory testing)
cross check

Training and methodology:

  • Fits Agile & Waterfall methodologies
check check
  • Training for users and administrators available
check check
  • Methodological consultation
check check


14$/29$/59$/119$ Pricing plans
25$ per user
TestLodge HP Quality Center

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