Webinar testing risk management small image

Testing Risk Management Webinar

This Webinar will discuss risk management in the context of software development and testing, present tips for detecting, cataloging and managing product and project risks as well as common mistakes.

Webinar master test plan small image

Master Test Plan Webinar

This Webinar describes what MTP is, it's common parts and it's relevancy in the age of agile.

Testing under pressure webinar

Testing Under Pressure

Join Joel Montvelisky in this webinar with tips to deal with the stressful reality of testing in today's fast paced development cycles.

Webinar testing metrics small image

Testing Metrics Webinar

It is a known fact that whatever you measure will improve. Testing metrics are something that we as testers and test managers need to use in our favor, but it...

What can we learn from the 2019 State of Testing™ Report

What can we learn from the 2019 State of Testing™ Report Webinar

In this Webinar, Joel Montvelisky, Lalitkumar Bhamare, Simon Prior, and Chris Kenst are reviewing the main findings of the 2019 State of Testing.

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