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Tips to Become a Kick-Ass Tester in Today’s Changing Environment

In this webinar we will clear some of these issues up, and give you practical tips you can “start doing now” to stay ahead of these trends.

Testing pitfalls

10 Common Testing Pitfalls

This webinar is about 10 common problems usually found around testing projects, how to avoid them when possible, and how to overcome them when necessary.

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Mixing Testing Types for Optimized Results

This Webinar will discuss the combination of tools and methodologies - functional, automatic, continuous integration etc. as part of testing efforts and will help you understand if are you missing...

Communication skills for testers

Communication Skills for Testers

A good tester uses communication not only to 'let others know', but also to get the information they need. An even greater tester knows how to use communication as part...

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Developer Testing Webinar

This Webinar will discuss why developers can't test and what you can do about it as well as tips to when and how to involve developers in your testing.

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Agile Test Management Webinar

This Webinar will discuss what you need to know before switching to Agile Test Management.

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Testing Risk Management Webinar

This Webinar will discuss risk management in the context of software development and testing, present tips for detecting, cataloging and managing product and project risks as well as common mistakes.

Webinar master test plan small image

Master Test Plan Webinar

This Webinar describes what MTP is, it's common parts and it's relevancy in the age of agile.

Testing under pressure webinar

Testing Under Pressure

Join Joel Montvelisky in this webinar with tips to deal with the stressful reality of testing in today's fast paced development cycles.

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