‘Shifting Accessibility Testing to the Left’

Shifting Accessibility Testing to the Left with Marie Drake

Marie Drake debunks some of the myths around accessibility testing, and shares how to shift accessibility testing to the left while integrating it in your development and testing workflows.

‘Insights from the 2022 State of Testing Report’

Insights from the 2022 State of Testing Report - Roundtable Discussion

A powerful panel of professionals discuss the actionable insights from the recent 2022 State of Testing report

‘PractiTest Live Training Session’

How to succeed as a Tester in a DevOps environment

Join Huib Schoots to dive into biases and misunderstanding surrounding testing, and learn what modern testing should look like and how it can be very valuable, fast and fun.

‘Becoming a world-class tester’

Increasing Productivity by Uncovering Costs of Delay - with Jutta Eckstein

Jutta Eckstein presents simple tools and methods for uncovering hidden costs of delay using an Agile approach.

‘Guest Webinar’

How to bring accessibility into your teams - with Laveena Ramchandani

Make your product more accessible and reduce the risk of bad product reviews, by bringing accessibility into your team

‘PractiTest Labs’

PractiTest's Test Automation Management Capabilities - PractiTest Labs

Joel Montvelisky, PractiTest's chief solution architect, discusses PractiTest's test automation framework

‘Post Modern Testing’

Who's Ready for Post-Modern Testing? Guest Webinar by Alan Page

Alan Page will reflect a bit on what he and Brent have learned and absorbed over the past five years, talk briefly about the current state, and look into what could be the beginning of the Post-Modern Testing movement.

‘Effectively plan 2022’

10 Ideas to help you correctly evaluate 2021 and effectively plan 2022

Joel will review his 10 favourite ways and methods to work with your team in order to openly and whole-heartedly evaluate the year coming to an end and to plan ahead to the year that is about to start

‘Becoming a world-class tester’

Metatesting : The secret questions you need to ask yourself to be a world-class tester

Learn a handful of techniques for metatesting: testing the tester. Come away from this session with the secrets only the best testers know and the ability to wield them for good in your testing

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