‘Design patterns in test automation with Christian Baumann’

Design patterns in test automation with Christian Baumann

Specific design patterns for test automation and how to get started applying them in your test automation code & framework.

‘PractiTest Live Training Session’

PractiTest Live Training & Q&A Session

Sign up for this open training session of PractiTest to discover best practices, tips and tricks, learn about features that would make your life easier, and save loads of time!

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Mobile Test Management Done Right Guest Webinar by Daniel Knott

Mobile Test Management - Guest Webinar with Daniel Knott

What is needed in order to establish a reliable, lightweight and lean mobile test management process.

‘PractiTest guest webinar with Michael Larsen’

Is This Testable? How to Ask Better Questions from My Applications and Engineering Teams

Helpful reflections for anyone looking to make their product more responsive to both human and external program interactions.

‘Melissa Tondi’

The Lazy Tester, Musings on Being Efficient - Guest Webinar by Melissa Tondi

Melissa shares her experiences on unique ways to be efficient in testing, within teams and life in general.

‘PractiTest guest webinar’

Roadblocks to Bug Reporting - Guest webinar with Michael Stahl

How to recognize and the roadblocks of bug reporting in your team and proposed solutions.

‘How to Delight 8 Billion Humans’

How to Delight 8 Billion Humans Guest webinar with Dona Sarkar

The 6 categories of audiences to think about and a 3 step SIMPLE and inclusive process to reach and delight them at any phase of your business.

‘Test Management 3.0’

The Visual Testing Revolution Guest webinar with Andrew Knight

How automated visual testing will revolutionize your functional test automation!

‘Test Management 3.0’

Test Management 3.0 - The Challenges and Value of Testing in Today’s Agile & DevOps Reality

Balancing the need for agility and fast delivery cycles without compromising on quality or introducing unnecessary customer risk in the delivered software

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