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PractiTest and the QA World 

Common Testing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Test Management that Grows with Your Team

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Manage and Run tests 

Practitest system allows you to manage and run all your test cases and test scenarios in one place.

Have Full Control

Easy to use dashboard that can be implemented in any third party tool or kiosk. 


PractiTest integrates with all the top testing tools such as JIRA, Bugzilla, Redmine. Automation tools like Selenium, Jenkins, SoapUI and many more.

Real Expert Human Support 

With PractiTest you enjoy continues experts' support throughout your imlementation, and also while using the systems. Even years after. 

Experience won’t make you smarter, but it does help you avoid the pitfalls less experienced testers tend to fall for.

You could learn about common testing mistakes the hard way on your own. Or, you can take advantage of other's knowledge and experience and avoid making these common mistakes in the first place. 

Download this ebook and learn how to prevent yourself from making these common mistakes

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