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2019 Test Management Tool Comparison: qTest Vs. Zephyr

If you are faced with the challenge of having to choose a test management tool, then you now realize that the amount of comparatives can be mind boggling. The important guideline to remember is that the testing tool you eventually select needs to fit your individual QA process’s needs: Team size, testing methodology, budget and functionalities. You can use this comparison checklist here to help you narrow down your search.


If you have narrowed if down between qTest and Zephyr we have created this comparison table specifying the main features that you should regard.

qTest Zephyr
End-to-End Coverage & Methodology: check check
Customization check
There are customizable filters, fields, groups, reports and dashboards
Issue Workflow cross check
Reporting check check
Requirement Management check check
Test case management check check
Test Set and Execution Management check check
No Parameterization of Test Cases and Sets
Issue Management check check
  • Flexible issue management mechanism
check check
  • Ability to detect and prevent duplicate issues
cross cross
  • Ability to report issues directly from emails
cross cross
  • Batch editing
check check
[i.e Bug trackers, automation, CI & API]
check check
Service and Support check

Additional features:

cross check
  • External dashboard and embedding graphs
check check
  • Cloud or Installed
  • Discussion forum
cross check
  • Amazon advanced technology partner
cross cross
  • Session based test management (exploratory testing)
check cross

Training and methodology

Fits Agile & Waterfall methodologies check check
Training for users and administrators available check check
Methodological consultation check check


By request
Not publicly available
qTest Zephyr


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*Disclaimer: Comparison research conducted by PractiTest marketing department. Any updates can be sent to: info@practitest.com