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Sometimes as testers we are asked to work on projects where requirements are either vague or even non-existent, in these cases we need to look for ways to define what to test and how should the system under test behave.

In this webinar Michael Bolton and Joel Montvelisky review how to approach projects where testers need to work without requirements a hand.

Main takeaways:

  • Alternative places to look for requirements
  • How to work with stakeholders in order to get the information needed to test the system
  • Tips on managing projects where requirements are not clear

About Michael Bolton, Rapid Software Testing consultant, teacher and author

Michael helps people solve testing problems that they don't know how to solve, and helps them learn how to do that for themselves. He is primarily a consultant and trainer, specialized in Rapid Software Testing, a skill set and a mindset focused on high-value testing that is fast, inexpensive, credible, and accountable. He also writes extensively about testing and software development on his blog

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