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Full QA coverage using Smart Filters & Custom Fields

In this workshop we review the various ways to best organize your tests to save time, streamline your workflows and unlock PractiTest's full potential. The workshop has been pre-recorded but will be followed by a live Q&A sessions:


1. How to organize your tests, issues, and requirements based on different criteria simultaneously- Components, Versions, types or any other criteria you choose.
2. Help your team work more efficiently without losing track of critical information.
3. Promptly identify and eliminate duplicate bugs.

Workshop and Q&A with Antony Lipman

Antony Lipman has worked as an Educator for 20 years. In 2005 he transitioned to High Tech, working initially as a QA tester. Since then, he's transitioned to support and more recently to customer success. He now works for Practitest where he combines his experience in software testing with his passion for helping people to achieve their goals and educating them to make better use of the Practitest platform.



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