PractiTest Eggplant Integration - Maximize Automation Value

Stop throwing away 75% of your Automated Testing value


Most organization run automation testing in different levels - Unit, Integration, API and so on. But, when running and reporting in silos for each of them (different teams, different tools, different purpose…) - the value organizations get from it reduces greatly (A bit like running tests and then needing to walk around your testers to ask if “everything is ok?“).


We need to stop looking at automation independently from manual testing, and on top of that add other sources of testing info (e.g. unit tests, integrations, etc) into this mix.


Joel Montvelisky, Co-Founder and Chief Solution Architect at PractiTest and Evan Bartlik, Solution Architect, Eggplant will show and explain how every team working with automation AND manual can gain more and get better results and will demonstrate it on the PractiTest - Eggplant integration.


PractiTest - Eggplant Integration


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