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Being a part of the testing community, we always look for ways to share our knowledge and support fellow testers in their everyday testing issues. We gathered and wrote some information that you might find helpful. We hope you enjoy it – and feel free to share!

Testing Without Requirements

Testing without requirements

In this webinar Michael Bolton and Joel Montvelisky review how to approach projects where testers need to work without requirements a hand.

How to Reduce Test Case Maintenance

How to Reduce Test Case Maintenance with Randall Rice

In this guest webinar, Randall Rice shows real-world, practical ways to create and maintain test cases with minimal effort, both in manual and automated approaches.

Exploratory and Session-Based Testing Webinar

Exploratory Testing Live Q&A with James Bach & Joel Montvelisky

In this unique Webinar, Both James Bach and Joel Montvelisky discuss Exploratory and Session-Based Testing, from Theory to Methodology.

Deliver a Great Mobile Experience

How Testers Can Help Deliver a Great Mobile Experience

In this guest webinar, Kristel Kruustük shows real-world, present practical tips for testers so they can contribute to successful mobile experience.

Your Testing Project Preparation Checklist small image

Your Testing Project Preparation Checklist

The ultimate Testing project preparation checklist - Simple but important preparations you need to keep in mind when you are starting any type of testing project.

Revolutionary testing team small image

Unconventional Ideas for Revolutionary Testing Teams

Learn how to generate revolutionary and sometimes counterintuitive ideas to improve the way your testing team works!

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