Characteristics of a Modern Test Process: Guest Webinar By Jan-Jaap Cannegieter

When most of the well-known test methods where originated the world looked different.

At that time comprehensive strategies, plans and test scripts were important, (test) engineering was focussed on doing things thoroughly and following (international) standards was important for organizations. Now other values are considered more important, like speed, craftsmanship, flexibility, goal orientation and pragmatism.

The characteristics of a modern test process scan be summarized in goal orientated, flexible and fast.

Jan Jaap will elaborate these four characteristics in his webinar:

  1. When talking about goal orientation he will explain the difference between checking, risk based testing and value based testing.
  2. When talking about flexibility he will talk about the different ways of (exploratory) testing and when to apply which ways of testing. Jan Jaap will also share some extra thoughts about the possibilities and impossibilities of test automation.
  3. He will explain why manual testing will still be an important part of the test process.
  4. At the end of the presentation Jan Jaap will explain what the characteristics of a modern test process mean for testers. In this part he will look both at hard skills and soft skills.
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